I Believed The Low Fat Hype And Wasted Years Trying To Lose Weight.

Hi there, Both of those guys above are me, before and after.

My name is Jin short for Harjinder Johal.

I have been on a weight loss struggle for decades with no success until recently.

I started off as a skinny kid until I was 16. That was 1980.This was about the time when we were getting told to cut fat out of our diets.The world started getting fatter and so did I.

It feel like I was there right at the beginning and as each new diet came out I would eagerly devour the information and put it into action. But I just kept getting bigger

Every time there was a function or a wedding people would say to me “you get bigger every time I see you.”.

After a few years I was always the biggest person there. Most people were polite and would not say anything but you could see in their eyes the disgust or pity.

When I went shopping for clothes it was humiliating to try on the biggest sizes in the shop and have  the clothes look like they had shrunk in the wash. Buying clothes from the “big and tall” shop was just as humiliating as I am certainly not tall and their bags were highly conspicuous

When I was at my fattest I could not fasten the seat belt on the airplane and the food tray would rest on my stomach at a tilt. It was a fine balancing act keeping drinks on the tray from sliding about and trying to prevent food from ending up on my shirt.

One day I was sitting in the aisle seat and the stewardess said can you fasten your seat belt sir, I replied I can’t fasten it at which point she decided to fasten it for me, after several fruitless attempts she gave up and told me to just hold it in place.

I think the low fat diet was probably the one that made me most miserable. The bland boiled vegetables, bread with no butter, dry tasteless bits of meat with the fat trimmed off, yuck.

I went through the usual pattern, losing a bit and then putting it back on with a vengeance, each time getting bigger.

Atkins was o.k. but there was such fear about eating fat many people would tend to eat lean protein even though Atkins advised eating more fat. Although I had a modicum of success with this diet the monotony of lean protein made this diet impossible for me to follow for long.

I was 305 pounds at my heaviest and I have lost 126 pounds. Discover the shocking story of how I came to lose so much weight just CLICK HERE

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  1. Ben Solomon says:

    Great work Jin.

    The whole world has been brain-washed by the ‘low-fat’, ‘fat is evil’ hysteria.

    It took years of research, and this is even after I knew my bio-chemistry well, to find the truth.

    Keep up the great work, and take the message out to the world. 🙂

  2. balbir singh says:


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